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Blood Support Tincture


All herbs in our formulas are organic, wildcrafted or consciously cultivated 31% alcohol and distilled water.

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Traditional Uses

Detoxification, toxic blood conditions, septicemia, leukocytosis, all CANCERS (esp. leukemia), AIDS, anemia, syphilis, leprosy, elevated cholesterol, fatigue, low iron levels, gangrene, exhaustion, parasitic invasion of weakened blood cells, blood disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome (except when caused from thyroid and adrenal weaknesses, etc.) Toxic liver and spleen conditions. Low iron levels, low O² saturation, malabsorption, and fatigue.  Helps improve nutrient absorption.

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Weight 150 g

Red Clover Herb, Burdock Root, White Oak Bark, Plantain Leaf, Yellow Dock Root, Prickly Ash Bark

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